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Happy Birthday BB King!! 

The man himself would be 94 today. BB King! I’m so happy I had the privilege to play the release show for my album “The Blues Gonna Getcha” at B.B. King's Club Ebony and B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center back in June. Because of what BB stood for in the delta and through his museum, we were honored to give all the proceeds back to that important institution.  

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Bad Boy Mowers sponsor Josh Newcom! 

Our good friends at Bad Boy Mowers have come back aboard to sponsor Josh Newcom and help pay for some bus fuel for the next couple of months! 
Here’s to Bad Boy for supporting a fellow Arkansan bringing original independent music to the masses!!!

It’s a new day. 

We are very excited to announce that as of March 12 Steve Karas and SKH Music has come aboard as management for Josh Newcom!! 

Steve Karas 
SKH Music 

A lot of good things happening! 

We end this 2018 year with Josh Newcom releasing 10 albums with over 105 original songs in just 18 months!
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