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All Josh Newcom songs are now
on iTunes, apple music, Amazon MP3,
Google Play, YouTube, iheart radio,
Spotify, and of course right here!!

New Warpaint Gypsy Threads Store!!

Warpaint Gypsy Threads is an apparel store created by Kristie Ann and Josh Newcom for all the Outlaws, Gypsies, And Renegades. 
Everything is printed in house at our Warpaint Threads facility and designed by Josh and Kristie


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3rd annual "Ode To Wayne Mills"

The 3rd annual "Ode To Wayne Mills" will be held August 19 at TP Millers in Kimberly Alabama!  
Lineup so far is  
Josh Newcom, Kyle Wilson, Davis Nix, Curt Brewer, Jarod Foster, Jarrod Barrier, JD Outlaw, and more  
Pre-sale tickets

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