Up Coming DC Tour Dates

July 12th 2013  @ Iron Horse in Birmingham, AL

Aug 3rd 2013  @ Blue Iguana in Prattville, AL

Aug 17th 2013  @ Downtown Summerfest in Huntsville, AL
with Jamey Johnson 

Wayne Mills, Josh Newcom, and Kyle Wilson collaboration project!

Kings Of The Roost were hatched into the world while Wayne Mills and Josh Newcom of Indian Rodeo were on tour with Jamey Johnson.  Wayne and Josh decided to start a project they could get involved with to blow off some steam and have a great time!

Several months after it's conception, Wayne and Josh brought Kyle Wilson into the fold while playing a 3 man acoustic show at The World Famous, Flora Bama Lounge in Orange Beach, AL.  With Wayne, Josh, and Kyle sharing front man duties, the song list was tripled, as well as, the anticipation of what song would be played next.  ACDC, Waylon Jennings, Black Crowes, The Band... who knows?
Between Wayne Mills, Josh Newcom, and Kyle Wilson, they have covered almost 3 million miles on the road and have performed over 8000 shows.  Both Wayne and Josh 
have had videos featured on CMT, GAC, and TCN, respectively, and have had songs on both, national and international radio while

touring with Merle Haggard, Jamey Johnson, and Corey Smith.  Josh Newcom's band "Indian Rodeo" was nominated for Top 30 CMT Video's of the year for 2011 which was also directed, shot and edited by Josh. 

 Wayne is also featured in the book "Outlaws Still at Large," by Professor and Author, Neil Hamilton.  The book chronicles the Past, Present and Future of OUTLAW COUNTRY MUSIC.

Kings Of The Roost have all the elements for an outrageously good time.  With Wayne, Josh, and Kyle, you get everything from Outlaw Country, to Rock N Roll, and Blues.  It's 3 bands in 1!                    


 What more could you ask for?











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More to come!