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Josh Newcom and Dimestore Fame
Song: The Bottom (Explicit Language)
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Written by Josh Newcom 
Produced, recorded, and
mixed by Josh Newcom

Josh Newcom - All Vocals, Guitar,
Drums, and Bass


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So I 'm finishing up recording some rock/southern metal songs I wrote. So I'm gonna 
post them under "Josh Newcom and Dimestore Fame".
This 1st song is called "The Bottom" It's got some sho nuff "explicit language" so watch out!!! 
Like always, download and tell your friends!!! Enjoy

-Josh Newcom

Ok so it's a new year. Last year didn't end so good with my dad being diagnosed with stage 4 lung 
cancer and one of my best friends in the world Wayne Mills being murdered by a coward (who does not deserve for his name to ever be uttered until the real judgement is upon him)!! Hard to keep from going off here……..I played on the road in our band the Dixie Cocks with Wayne and Kyle Wilson all year. I quit touring when my dad was diagnosed to be home and help with whatever was needed and to spend time with my parents. It was really really hard to tell the guys I needed to stop touring for awhile but as much as Wayne and Kyle wanted to keep it going, they wouldn't have it any other way. They were behind me 110% on my decision! And then from out of no where Wayne's gone. And like a knife to the heart that will never be fully healed, I have to move on for the other loved ones around me. 

The start of 2014, my dads cancer is still shrinking and he's getting better results than anyone ever thought! Still good days and bad days, but days none the less. With me and my dad both playing and writing music all of our lives, we finally wrote a song together and recorded it!!! My dad has always been the greatest and most original song writer and guitar player I have ever heard, so this was one of the coolest things I've ever done.

So with this new year I'm gonna start playing a few shows again, as it allows cause, I know Wayne would!! 
And I'm gonna keep writing and recording songs. Cause that's just what we do!!

Also….as a lot of you know my preference in music to write and perform is vast! So from now on I'm not sticking myself in any particular genre. I have written so many metal, country, blues, bluegrass, and straight up rock-n-roll songs, that I just want to put them out under my name "Josh Newcom". They are free as always on my website www.warpaintentertainment.com and you decide if you want to listen or not. Not because its country, rock or what not, but because you think its a good song!! So here's to 2014 and to the rest of our days!

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Video Directing Highlights

Some artist that I (Josh Newcom) have been lucky enough to
direct, film, and edit videos for to date.  (Merle Haggard, 
Jamey Johnson with Alison Krauss, Emmy Lou Harris, 
Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Blackberry Smoke, Randy Rogers, 
Stoney LaRue, Craig Campbell, Wayne Mills, Wade Bowen and more!)






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